March 23, 2021
I begin the recording of another audiobook tomorrow and I am grateful for the brilliant quality my booth has been providing this year. This new book will be produced remotely by a producer I've not worked with before, over speedy fibre broadband, using CleanFeed. 

The booth has been getting a lot of use and has already paid for itself emotionally as it works its way to doing so financially!

I've recorded everything from calm breathing techniques to shouty vikings and I'm looking forward to all the projects to come!


Double Figures

September 27, 2020
As I await the release to audible of my ninth and tenth audiobooks, I am reflecting on my work in this area and the pleasure it's brought me.

My favourite story to narrate has to have been Suzanne Kelman's A View Across The Rooftops, set in Amsterdam in 1941.

Some of the quotes from audible listeners are below:

"I couldn't stop listening from the very beginning. The narrator did a fantastic job bringing these characters and their anguish of living during the war to life...It deserves more than f...
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Double Glazing!

August 25, 2020
As work returns to pre-lockdown levels and I’m venturing out to Covid safe studios for more shoots and recordings, I wanted to share the work of the brilliant Lorentz Gullachsen from a stills and video shoot for London estate agents, Marsh and Parsons. 

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Uniquely Unprecedented Universe

June 3, 2020
As we come out of Covid-19 lockdown gradually and start to see the re-opening of some businesses, but continued closure of others, I am reflecting on my good fortune to be able to work from home on voiceover projects, even though cancelled filming projects are yet to re-materialise. I have always been an optimist, so will look forward to new ways of working, seeing family and colleagues again and enjoy the opportunities I had during these trying times and the projects that came out of them.

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2020 - audiobooks, sausage factory and busses

February 26, 2020
Jobs, like busses, tend to come in threes, or fours, or even fives. They just have a habit of turning up when you least expect them. So far in 2020 I will be lending my voice to various audiobooks, corporate messages (about a fictional Sausage Factory amongst other things) and my image to the back of Welsh busses.

More news and perhaps pictures and sound files to come...
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Sunny Day - Timmy’s Big Day

October 20, 2019
I’ve been travelling to voiceover studios, making new friends and contacts and enjoying lots of varied new jobs. However, I think it’s a good time to share some of the fun I’ve had voicing Timmy in Nickelodeon’s Sunny Day. I’ve been voicing Timmy for some time now and there are plenty of episodes out there. But where better to start than “Timmy’s Big Day”! I hope you enjoy the clips out there and if you catch the show with your little ones, I’d love to know. I found out just...
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Stills shoot 2019

February 25, 2019
A recent still shot from a shoot earlier this year. With thanks to Mustard, Nigel Wilson and all the crew. 

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January 8, 2019
As we progress into 2019, I reflect on the new clients and new experiences gained in 2018, from cartoon voices on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr and characterful voices for audiobooks to presenting about cultural awareness around the world and photoshoots to appear on the back of buses!

I look forward to a 2019 filled with just as many exciting projects and new friends to be made. If you're reading this I hope we can maybe find opportunities to work together this year and make even more great memories!...
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Fringe studies

September 12, 2018
At the end of August I was lucky enough to visit The Edinburgh Fringe for the first time and to study a number of performances and meet some great performers.

Particular mention to the excellent Spider Glass, written and performed by Craig Malpass which humorously looks at modern masculinity with some real pathos, emotional moments and thinking points.

All in all a very interesting visit and some food for thought for future work.
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Multiple Personalities...

August 15, 2018
Recently, I've been bouncing between a couple of voiceover studios voicing the character Timmy for Nick Jr show Sunny Day and recording an audiobook with Audio Factory.

It's always fun to create new characters through just their voice and for the audiobook I've been recording, as well as narrating, there are over 30 additional characters to voice. I can't wait to share it and see what people think.

Sunny Day extracts can be viewed on the Nick Jr UK website.

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