Merry Christmas!!

December 20, 2017
After managing to fight off a lost voice and virus and completing a fun voiceover assignment up in Stroud, I feel that now is the time to wish one and all a very merry Christmas!


Where is everybody?

November 26, 2017
A quick post simply to show my giant face looking out over an empty Watershed cinema, Bristol, at tests being conducted ahead of a screening for Fat God Films which included their Nahemi Kodak competition entry film, in which I featured.

I just enjoy the fact that I seem to look so appalled that there is nobody there!!

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Psychedelic documentaries and surreal TV shorts

November 20, 2017
The last couple of months have seen rehearsals for a project coming up next year as well as the usual flow of voiceover work.
Additionally, I've completed a couple of filming projects where it was lovely to have been invited back to work with people again - I must have done something right the first time!
I worked again with the Calling The Shots folks for Channel Four's Random Acts project in a love surreal short about the impact of everyday noises and commotion on people who perceive the worl...
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Walking holidays and leading cults

August 14, 2017
The last month has seen me involved in the first of two music videos I've been signed up to - playing an odd cult leader with misogynistic tendencies! I have always said I enjoy playing against my own character so don't be too worried. I'm greatly looking forward to the finished video as the song is a good one. I'm not allowed to tell you the name of the artist as yet, I'm afraid.

Amongst other things, I was also thrilled to be playing another comedic character for Telling Tales Films in their...
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Busy times, Random Acts and awards

July 10, 2017
I haven't updated my news in a very long time as the last few months have been incredibly busy.

I am pleased to let people know that during that time, as well as various jobs:

- The short film I filmed earlier in the year, Lesley Stonker, is now live on Channel Four's Random Acts website
- A short I acted in, The Place of my Birth won a Royal Television Society West of England award 
- I completed work directing a series of seven courses of training videos for Upskill People, which are now in the...
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New Headshots

February 23, 2017
New headshots will be finding their way into the world soon. A taster below:

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February 6, 2017
For someone who often makes a living as a voiceover actor, it is interesting, if not ironic that I've been involved in many film projects where I don't say a word! From the music overlaid "Whatever the Weather" which showed on the giant screens in Bristol's Millennium Square over the festive period and popped up on local news, to my latest two projects.

I recently completed shooting for the Kodak Nahemi Awards "Room with a View" with a range of grunting noises in a future dystopian world of le...
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Multiple me!

October 19, 2016
After a busy few months, including working away in Norway over the summer, I've been spending a lot of time in the green screen studio of the wonderful Band Films, both directing other actors and more recently in an on screen role about emotional literacy.
I'm very much looking forward to the finished emotions film as it features not only a little bit of juggling (always fun!), but also multiple versions of me. I play the role of presenter and also various versions of me as wonderful caricatur...
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May 11, 2016
A chunk of April was very enjoyably taken up for me to record with talented folk in their native language. As luck would have it I was asked to record and edit three voice actors speaking the three foreign languages I love the most: French, German and Spanish. I had already provided the voice of the English script and it was lovely to be able to help my client with direction in languages of which he had a limited understanding (and one he claimed to know nothing of at all!) at the same time a...
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Wig Wednesday 25th May 2016 - CLIC Sargent

March 15, 2016
A busy February and March have left little time for blog updates. I would, however, like to share detail of a wonderful project in which I had a small involvement having still shots done for CLIC Sargent's upcoming Wig Wednesday fundraising.

Photos of me looking rather ridiculous can be seen in various places and at the Wig Shop on CLIC Sargent's site. If you spot me in some random corner of the internet or in print, do let me know!

If you don't know about the work of CLIC Sargent, here's a bri...
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