Since my last blog post I have attended a few screenings for short films in which I've played a part - always fun to see an audience react. Though, the most interesting things have happened behind a microphone.
My voice has lent itself, through jobs and auditions to all manner of things from dwarfs to dads, dogs to underage scallies trying to buy cigarettes and narration of an audiobook thriller to the growth of bacteria in water tanks!
Each role different and fun to research and execute.
As I expand my collection of voiceover clients, I have also finalised my latest showreel of dramatic roles to go alongside my showreel for comedy pieces and you can see it on this very website.
Outside of acting, I've bought myself an inflatable kayak for water-based fun times this summer and next week will give one of the most nerve-wracking performances of my life as a best-man. I'm not sure which one is most likely to lead to drowning! Wish me luck.