If there actually are any actors out there who think they can rely on their agents to get them that "big break" rather than working hard on their own career in conjunction with that agent - they need to wake up!
Networking is not really my style. I prefer to stay in touch with the people I like from those I meet on this journey through life. If some of them can provide me with exciting opportunities, all the better - but I have never seen the logic in staying in touch with someone purely because of what they can do for you! It must be soul destroying.
However, I do keep in touch with various people I've worked with, respected and admired and it's amazing how often a simple "Hi, how's it going?" email or phone call leads to a brand new opportunity to work together again.
But the biggest factor on working together on many occasions has always been - and always will be - doing a good job!
I can guarantee my hard work and dedication on any project I undertake, and my desire to be the best I can.
For an example of some of my comedy based work, please take a moment to view my new comedy showreel for 2014.