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Saying goodbye...

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Tuesday, February 8, 2022,
After sterling work from Max Clendaniel slotting together various clips I threw at him to make a cohesive new comedy showreel it is time to say goodbye to my old comedy reel which served me well, over a long while.

So, I'm sharing it here one last time!
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New Headshots

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Thursday, February 23, 2017,
New headshots will be finding their way into the world soon. A taster below:

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Life goes on...

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Wednesday, November 25, 2015,
A wonderful few months since the last update, with the British summer now a dim and distant memory.

I've kept busy with roles varying from multi-accented voiceovers and strangely attired photo shoots to the seriousness of playing a terminal patient. I've thoroughly enjoyed all the challenges that have been thrown at me. There was also the humorous distraction of a friend spotting my name in a local newspaper article in his favourite kebab shop and posting a photo to Facebook.

Since the summer,...
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US television debut!

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Wednesday, August 5, 2015,
It may only be a local channel in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I am still very excited to have had not one but two of my short films shown on US television.
With many thanks to Matt Harris-Freeth and the rest of the talented crew on both The Port and Silent Phantom.
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South Korea - Take Two

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Thursday, July 23, 2015,
It fills me with immense pleasure that for the second time, I can say that a 48-hr Sci-Fi film by Matt Harris-Freeth, in which I play a small role, has been selected to be part of The Seoul International Short Film Festival.
The Place of My ?yola-link-is-coming=trueBirth has made the official selection list.
In 2013, the first film I acted in for Matt, The Port, was also selected for this festival.

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Where has 2015 gone already?

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Tuesday, February 17, 2015,
The end of last year flew by, filled with a load of voiceover projects, some interesting corporate gigs and a short trip to Spain to flex my linguistic muscles. 2015 is shooting by rapidly too and has included those linguistics getting another work out, with German this time, for an SS officer on the BBC.
This clip and others will soon be formed into a new dramatic showreel. However, there is a small hiatus, while the editor of said showreel is at the 2015 Oscars for ShortsTV. Whilst you're w...
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Geek chic

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Thursday, August 22, 2013,
A deliberately quiet couple of weeks is coming to an end with a fun job as a geek on a date! How long the date will last is debatable, since the online picture he posted was a little more handsome than yours truly... who said, "not too difficult!"?
Off to London to film this for a commercial tomorrow, so more details will follow in time.
My top two auditions where I "knew" for certain that I'd got the part as I left the room were this one and another geek role for IPC Media. Maybe it's typecast...
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Cut throat voiceovers...

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Thursday, July 18, 2013,
The hot weather endures and my work has continued apace and been busy, busy, busy all the way.
I have been recording many voiceovers from my home studio which can get a bit hot and sweaty in this untypical British summer. I'm also very much looking forward to working on a forthcoming short film, in which my throat will be cut and will bleed profusely...!
Aside from that, I've had a lot of live action roles and writing meetings as well as developing several ideas, so watch this space.

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