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Kiss It!

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Friday, March 25, 2022,
I’ve often said that I love to take on the unusual projects and that I’m not afraid of something a bit different…
Well, this music video for Transatlantic duo, Ready, Steady Die! was certainly different. 
I got to work again with a favourite director of mine, Max Clendaniel and he even came to my neck of the woods to work with the wonderfully creative Immix Media. Max took the band’s fantastic song and seed of an idea and created a wonderful story, full of humour and surprises!
It’s be...
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It’s a funny old world!

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Thursday, December 16, 2021,
Having recently dipped a toe or two into various comedic roles from music videos to corporate films to Spanish tourism and even prank videos, it was a delight to receive this praise today:

“Had a look at the footage earlier, it is so unbelievably funny! You are very much the new standard for casting and we’ll definitely be in touch with more work.” Kieran Jenvey, Producer - Dirty Jack

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Posted by Alan Medcroft on Tuesday, March 23, 2021,
I begin the recording of another audiobook tomorrow and I am grateful for the brilliant quality my booth has been providing this year. This new book will be produced remotely by a producer I've not worked with before, over speedy fibre broadband, using CleanFeed. 

The booth has been getting a lot of use and has already paid for itself emotionally as it works its way to doing so financially!

I've recorded everything from calm breathing techniques to shouty vikings and I'm looking forward to all ...
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Double Glazing!

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Tuesday, August 25, 2020,
As work returns to pre-lockdown levels and I’m venturing out to Covid safe studios for more shoots and recordings, I wanted to share the work of the brilliant Lorentz Gullachsen from a stills and video shoot for London estate agents, Marsh and Parsons. 

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Sunny Day - Timmy’s Big Day

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Sunday, October 20, 2019,
I’ve been travelling to voiceover studios, making new friends and contacts and enjoying lots of varied new jobs. However, I think it’s a good time to share some of the fun I’ve had voicing Timmy in Nickelodeon’s Sunny Day. I’ve been voicing Timmy for some time now and there are plenty of episodes out there. But where better to start than “Timmy’s Big Day”! I hope you enjoy the clips out there and if you catch the show with your little ones, I’d love to know. I found out just...
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