2016 has started off really well with lots of opportunities to perform and to work on the production side too. I have been sourcing actors to work with me on different projects for on-screen and live action work. Plus, I've been able to act out various roles such as a quite ridiculous TV interviewer and an even more ridiculous tree-hugger! 
One thing that got me thinking recently though, was how I've been able to pick up new clients and re-connect with old clients through the online world and especially social media. In just the last month, I've had work come to me through Facebook, Twitter and direct contact through my website. Additionally, I have worked with actors who I was able to instantly contact via Facebook - and I knew they were skilled in what I needed because I'd seen things they shared about other recent work they'd done.
Of course, actual meetings, telephone conversations and self-tapes played a big part in securing roles, but in the freelance world, you ignore social media's capability to aid your professional life at your peril!
From LinkedIn to Twitter, Facebook to Vimeo and anywhere else you can maintain a visible presence and show folks what you are doing and can do, can only help you keep the proverbial phone ringing.

So if you want to connect, I'm right here: