2013 is now in full swing and yesterday evening I went to a Bristol short film event called CineMe. CineMe is a fantastic night of short films with introductions by the film-makers and a few words from the host, James Ewen. Every event I've been to has been inspiring and the level of talent of those involved never ceases to amaze me. Screening a series of short films allows the night to contain animation, comedy, drama, music videos and there is always something for everyone as the organisers have a strict policy on the quality of films they show.
As well as amazing films, the people I meet at CineMe are always charming, friendly and a joy to chat with. I would thoroughly recommend it to any actors or film-makers in the South West. In fact it is becoming so popular that last night's event didn't have a single seat to spare.
I am sure I will be back at CineMe many times this year and from the auditions I have lined up and the ideas I have in the pipeline, I looking forward to a fruitful 2013. 
At the end of 2012, I completed a voiceover assignment, with a distinctive Scottish brogue, which can be heard herehttp://youtu.be/-hBSYFJPZYY
Additionally I played the part of a sex-pest interviewer in a comedy short, for First Lady Films which will hopefully screen at CineMe in the near future. Perhaps I'll see you there!