I love to talk but at the moment my life is full of confidential things and I'm also very good at keeping confidential things, well... confidential! So, whilst it's not very good on a blog, you will have to trust me to reveal the secrets at a later date. Shhhhh

June has been a busy one with acting work from one end of the M4 to the other and some voiceovers recorded at home. I will post up clips as and when they become available. I now look forward to more of the same for the rest of the year!

I've also been doing a great deal of reading around various acting related subjects and would definitely recommend Brendan McNamara's excellent, "It's The Audition, Stupid!" to any actors who wonder why they aren't getting the call-backs. I've known Brendan professionally for many years now (and have even been called back a few times!) and I was always thinking I'd get round to buying and reading the book, but never quite did it. I'm very glad I finally did, as I read it cover to cover in one go and as well as the marvellous tips, managed to learn some things about myself that gladdened my heart.