This year has seen various jobs and projects, with two of the most interesting ending up with me in cartoon form.

Firstly, my voice has been lent to a character who looks nothing like me! I have been voicing Timmy in Nickelodeon's new series Sunny Day as well as a few additional voices.

Sunny Day videos can be viewed here on Nick Jr's website. The show is about a group of girls and their dog who run a beauty salon and play in a band together! It's aimed at 4-7 year olds.

Episode one has been broadcast and features a little bit of Timmy down at the orchard. He will show up again in future episodes.

For the short film Puppet, my character, Bertie, has been immortalised in cartoon form, capturing my likeness pretty well and I've even been promised two framed cartoons of me to keep! I will share more details once the film is complete.

Another interesting project has been to begin presenting a series of videos about doing business with different cultures around the world for Commisceo and I look forward to filming more and sharing them with you. No cartoons this time though...