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advertSAFE - upcoming tv commercial

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Friday, October 25, 2013,
I was "lucky" enough recently to get the chance to geek up as part of the new tv adverts for online identity verification service, advertSAFE.

If you'd like to see me as Kevin in the commercial and don't spot it on your tv screens (from tomorrow Saturday 26th October), head on over to YouTube.

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Yorkshire Tea cures all ills... from insanity to blindness or just to clean off your make up.

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Wednesday, October 23, 2013,
A new short film promotion the curative and far-reaching properties of tea has been released by Yorkshire Tea... it features a brief performance from me as one of two fighting 18th century duellers and an explanation of the causes of our argument can be found in the behind the scenes footage. Take a look at the amusing and desperately catchy Tea Song on YouTube.
You'll be singing it for weeks!
The Tea Song was produced for Yorkshire Tea by Rubber Republic.
It makes you sexy, ripped and brave, br...
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Hire Standards

Posted by Alan Medcroft on Friday, October 4, 2013,
Please take a moment or two to check out Hire Standards on vimeo. This is a great comedy short staring Nicola Phibben, Craig Malpass, Gemma Reynolds and me! It was also written by Craig and produced and directed by Sica Denerley-Weiss.
My part was great fun, playing a slimy sex-pest boss...
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