As the year draws to an end and we're in the period between Christmas and New Year where many people forget what day it is and whether or not it's socially acceptable to have cheese and Prosecco for breakfast, I am reflecting on the past twelve months.

Amongst the many things I'm proud of, there was being involved in Wonderland2, a colossal project organised by Brad Shaw that saw 175 voiceovers reading a minute section each of Alice Through The Looking Glass to raise money for Cancer Research UK which saw thousands of pounds going to this fabulous cause. I'm towards the end of chapter 8 but I'd encourage you to listen to all the fabulous performances.

I've also narrated other fiction and non-fiction audiobooks from my home studio, which is always a real pleasure. This was also the year in which I won an Earphones Award and was nominated for an Audie!

I attended my first ever Vox, where I met an array of wonderful people, which I continue to do too at the BWVO socials that I organise in Bristol and Bath.

Additionally, I've worked with lots of fabulous new clients and I'm looking forward to seeing The Victorian Murder Files, filmed for Discovery, where I play a policeman who was first on the scene of a gruesome double murder.

Wishing everyone a restful end to the year and an exciting 2024!!